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Once again there are 2 special offers on annual lift passes for the season.

The first is the Mont4Card for skiers under the age of 25. It is available to purchase early at a special price of CHF400 instead of CHF1,4002.

It gives unlimited skiing in the 4 Vallées from November to April and use of the lift system throughout the summer plus lots of free passes to various European and US resorts. For young, keen skiers who are going to spend at least 7 days on the slopes it is a no-brainer. 

discount on annual ski pass

The second deal offers 40% off the annual lift pass through a referral system. It works like this: skiers who already hold this year’s annual lift pass can get 40% off the price of a 2018-19 annual lift pass simply by referring a new customer. The new customer will ALSO get a 40% discount.

The 4 Vallées annual pass costs CHF1,649. By introducing a new customer, the price for a renewal and for a new pass will be CHF989 each.

To find someone happy to participate in the referral system, go to a Facebook group called “Foire aux parrains 4V”

The deal will work throughout the entire 4 Vallées. So if a holder has an annual pass only for, say, the Printse sector the recommendation+discount can only be for a pass for the same sector or for a wider area. In other words, the deal only works when the new customer intends to match or exceed the value of the existing customer.





First of all, choose your ski area.  There are 2 kinds of tickets: one for the Printse sector that covers Haute-Nendaz, Siviez (excluding Mont Fort), Veysonnaz, Thyon, Les Collons and Evolène and one for the entire 4 Vallées that covers all of Printse plus Mont Fort, Verbier, La Tzoumaz and Bruson.

The price of the 4 Vallées ticket varies in the course of the season. On offer is a low season and peak season price, according to the date. Low season price or Period 1 is as follows:  

          15 December 2018 – 21 December  2018
          6 January 2019 - 8 February 2019
          10 March 2019  – 28 April 2019

Peak season price or Period 2 is applicable:

          22 December 2018– 5 January 2018
           9 February 2019 -  9 March 2019

The entire 4 Valleys offers about 400 km of skiing, 92 lifts of different kinds and enough variety to provide something for everyone. The ski link from Nendaz to Siviez (via Prarion) is guaranteed and from there you can head in the direction of Veysonnaz or up to Mont Fort and Verbier. Skiing back down to the resort should be possible throughout the season.



1 day   72 61 36 76 65 38
6 days  355 302 178 373 317 187
1 day
59 50 30
6 days 296 252 148


In addition there is a Family Rate which gives a further 10% off the prices above both for the 4 Vallées and for Printse. For this there must be a minimum of 3 people of whom 1 is an adult or senior AND 1 is a child or youth. The maximum number of adults in a family group is 3 accompanying 1 child or youth.

Children born in 2011 and after are FREE. The half price ‘Child’ rate applies to those born between 2004 and 2011. The ‘Youth’ price is for those born between 1994 and 2003 while the ‘Senior’ price is for those born between 1942 and 1954.





The last thing you want to consider when planning a holiday in the Alps is that something could go wrong. Whether you plan a tranquil break with low risk activity or a seriously adrenaline-fuelled adventure, it is reassuring to know that help will be available, if necessary.

When buying a lift pass in Nendaz you can also buy insurance. A policy called Skicare is available at CHF5 per ski day. This guarantees in case of lost ski days:

Ski pass refund
Ski lesson refund
Ski rental refund

On top of that it provides (in case of an accident on the slopes):

Cost of assistance and rescue
Transport by ambulance / helicopter
Medical Expenses
Medical repatriation
Legal assistance
Civil liability

There is a simpler insurance option, called PassProtect,  also available when buying a lift pass that simply protects your ski pass, offers ski school refund and ski equipment refund in the event of illness or accident or closure of ski resort due to bad weather for CHF3 per ski day.  Please note that a medical certificate is required as proof. 

If you want either of these policies remember to ask when you are buying your lift pass so that insurance details are stamped on to it.

Skiers who are skiing more than 7 days per annum and whose existing insurance already provides some cover may well be interested in the SOS deal from Air-Glaciers, the air rescue company based in Sion. At a cost of CHF35 for an individual; CHF45 for a single-parent family; CHF80 for a family you can get air rescue and medical assistance throughout Switzerland that runs for a year. See for the details.