Is this the most important man in Nendaz?


























One of the best aspects of self-catering is the total privacy it affords. No nosy staff to disapprove of pyjamas at the breakfast table; no sulking cook who complains when you are late for dinner; no outsider who can eye your holiday from the inside. Bliss! All you have to do is organise your private party: someone needs to devise the menus; someone needs to shop; someone needs to cook. Suddenly it does not sound so blissful.

Enter Patrick, our star chef, who turns “self catering” breaks into dream vacations. Patrick is happy to take the strain in the kitchen and yet provide exquisite meals with proverbial clockwork regularity. He does this without any temperamental ‘creative’ moods and after presenting the meal he disappears to let you enjoy it in private. So how does he do it?

First of all, he is a professional. Trained as a chef of classical Swiss cuisine in Lausanne, he spent a good number of years working in top culinary establishments in French-speaking Switzerland before he joined the well known Manuel catering company in Lausanne. There, he perfected the art of posh nosh. Shortly after, he met his wife and decided to come to Nendaz to set up shop.

Now he uses his culinary experience to create top notch dinners for famished visitors. The idea is simple. We send you Patrick’s extensive menu before you leave for Secret Alps; you select what you want and forget about cooking on holiday; then when you return to the apartment from a good day on the slopes or the bisses, Patrick delivers the entire meal, ready cooked. He will explain how to re-heat where necessary; how to operate the oven; how to assemble any tricky bits; and how best to keep the food until required. Everything for a perfect 3 course meal, including wine, arrives with a smile. He then leaves and you have the rest of the evening to enjoy his dishes.

For a special celebration, Patrick can step up the style. For these, we send you the menu for a 5 course extravaganza. You make your selection in advance of your arrival at Secret Alps. On the evening Patrick will prepare your chosen gourmet meal in the apartment, stay to serve it and take care of all the clearing up. So impressive is his service that one Secret Alps guest describes Patrick as “the most important man in Nendaz”.  For holidaymakers who do not want to be trapped in the kitchen, the Secret caterer is the man to know.