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Timetable for summer 2017





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If you thought that it was impossible to walk in the mountains without climbing, think again! Here is how to walk at the top with minimum effort.

There are nearly 100 km of “bisse” paths around Nendaz which allow very easy walking with little variation in altitude. The “bisses” are historic irrigation channels, fed by the rivertreasure hunt on bisse
Printse, which eventually make their way to the Rhone at Aproz. Most of these streams still irrigate orchards, vineyards, crops and meadows in the area and all 8 “bisses” have well maintained paths running beside them. An excellent map is available from the Tourist Office ( or download here) which details all you need to know including restaurants within striking distance of each “bisse”, picnic spots and summer lifts.

The length of each “bisse” varies from 5km (Bisse d’en Bas) to 32 km (Bisse de Saxon). Each “bisse” maintains it own altitude and together they create a network which covers the entire area from La Tzoumaz to Siviez, beyond Veysonnaz to Mayens-de Sion, Les Agettes and Salins and further to Thyon. With such an extensive network you can create your own daily itinerary without retracing your footsteps. You can do this by judicious use of a lift to switch, say, from a lower “bisse” to a higher one or by starting with a bus ride from Nendaz to either Veysonnaz or Siviez in the morning and spending the rest of the day returning on foot.

For example, to explore the Grand Bisse de Vex (12km at 1505m), originally constructed in 1453 and fully restored in 2001, take the shuttle bus to Veysonnaz and walk back on the Bisse de Vex and then either on the Bisse du Milieu (at 1440m) or the Bisse Vieux (1560m) to Nendaz. Bisse-bus details for summer 2017 are:


Nendaz – Veysonnaz - Nendaz:
22 May to 2 July: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
3 July to 27 August:  every day
28 August to 29 October: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
The bus leaves from the Tourist Office at 09.20 or from Veysonnaz at 09.50. You need to book the day before.  Timetable and details available at Nendaz Tourisme.   Adults cost CHF 10 and children CHF 7.

This summer there will be an afternoon bus too running between Nendaz and Veysonnaz.  

3 July to 27 August: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

The bus leaves Nendaz Tourist Office at 15.20 or from Veysonnaz at 15.50.  All conditions are as for morning shuttle (above).


To explore the Ancien Bisse de Chervé (13 km), you could start with the bus to Siviez. Then take the Novelly chairlift to 2300m and you will find yourself on the highest and most spectacular “bisse” in Nendaz. From there you can access the Lac du Grand Desert (2642m) or head in the other direction towards Thyon (2000m). Bisse-bus details are:


Nendaz – Siviez - Nendaz:

22 May to 23 June: every day
24 June to 24 September:  Car Postal runs many times throughout the day.
25 September to 29 October: every day (except 30 Sept, 1 Oct, 7 Oct and 8 Oct)

The hiker shuttle leaves Nendaz at 10.30 and 15.30.  It leaves Siviez at 10.45 and 15.45.
You must book the shuttle the day before at Nendaz Tourisme.  Adults cost CHF8 and children CHF5.
The timetable for the Car Postal is available at the Tourist Office. 


Nendaz - Domaine des Iles (Sion) - Nendaz:

3 July - 27 August: every Tuesday and Friday 
This bus leaves Nendaz Tourisme at 10.20 and 16.20. It leaves Domaine des Iles at 10.50 and 16.50.  Adults cost CHF10 and children CHF7.


Bisse-walkers, hill walkers and sightseers can take advantage of some key lifts which are open this summer. The Tracouet, Plan du Fou and Combatseline restaurants are opened on the same dates as the lifts.


24 June to 15 October: every day

(Siviez – Combatseline) :
1 July to 18 September: every day
23 September - 15 October: every weekend

Siviez - Plan du Fou:
1 July to 20 August:  every day 
26 August - 17 September: every weekend
18 September

Tortin (Siviez – Tortin):
1 July to 20 August: every day
26 August - 18 September: every weekend

Mont-Fort (Tortin - Gentianes;  Gentianes - Mont Fort;  Gentianes - La Chaux):
1 July to 20 August: every day
26 August - 17 September: every weekend
18 September